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Participate in our soundnetwork all over the whole planet !

Where sound producing people worldwide find connection to each other. 

The crystal sound temple has made it his mission, among other,to interconnect many sound temples worldwide. Therefore we launched the worldwide sound network, which might expand and extend more and more now. Our sound network continues to grow.


Please share this information, so that we get as many as possible !

Participate in our sound network for the whole planet Healing sounds for mother earth and her inhabitants


Healing sounds for mother earth and her inhabitants

No matter where you are, in a group, in your family, or even all alone, just equipped with a singing bowl or your voice, turn the room where you just are into sound temple, tune in, feel yourself connected with the heart of the earth and all sounding people ! Send out thoughts of love, light, joy , peace, protection,power, comfort and healing to mother earth and all living beeings ! Even when you can't stick to the exact time, the energy will follow your good intention and together we will be much more than the amount of participants !


Please sign to the list with your name and your position, for an overview.

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The global soundnetwork also gives a home to a sound register . Into this,

anyone can list, who works with sounds, organizes, builds instruments, heals,

makes music therapy, etc. This sound register will grow over time into a major

global portal of sounds. Everthing with sound under one roof ! On our website www.klangnetzwerk.com you can sign into the register.


We are happy that you're in!

Welcome to the global sound networking day:

The dates for global sound networking 2016
New Moon January 10, 2016, Full Moon January 24, 2016, New Moon 8 February 2016, Full Moon February 22, 2016, the new moon March 9, 2016, the full moon March 23, 2016, the new moon April 7, 2016, the full moon April 22, 2016, New Moon 6 . May 2016 full Moon May 21, 2016, June 5, 2016 New Moon, Full Moon June 20, 2016, July 4, 2016 New Moon, Full Moon July 20, 2016, August 2, 2016 New Moon, Full Moon August 18, 2016, the new moon on September 1 2016 full Moon September 16, 2016 October 1, 2016 new moon, full moon October 16, 2016, October 30, 2016 New Moon, Full Moon November 14, 2016, the new moon November 29, 2016, a full moon on December 14 2016, the new moon December 29, 2016

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Healing sounds for mother earth and her inhabitants


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Dear friends of the sound !


The year is 2012 and it's time to expand on all the projects, which

rooted well in recent years. During the last years, I often arranged at specific times

with people, who live far away from me and together we played healing meditations

and received messages from the spiritual world. This is a very powerful possibility to send ourself and mother earth energies of peace, harmony, healing, freedom, joy and love.

Particularly to crisis areas and people who need help.


Due to the common networking over the whole planet, we have the possibility to work in

a huge collective. Through the constitution of resonance and the connection in the heart

of our sounds over the lightnet, mother earth will hear us and we ourselves are connected

with her soft vibrations, the elements and the kingdoms of the natural beeings !

With the sounds, we envince particularly our readiness to vibrate unison with mother earth again.

Let's play and sing together with mother earth and the kingdoms of the natural beeings !


Especially the natural beeings still beg me again to tell the people, how important sounds are

for mother earth and the entire energy grid. In ancient eras, some very big sound temples

existed on earth. As far as I told, they were steadily connected over the tones, and in this way

they generated vibrations for the realm of ether, bundled energies and kept positive

life resonances in balance between all areas of existance.

Let's do this together once again in 2012 !


Participate in our soundnetwork all over the whole planet !


PS Maybe you as a sound healer, temple owner or otherwise inspired human

got the impulse to work in a small group....


I'm looking foreward to all of you who like to take part !

Please sign to the list:









Sounding regards to you all, and thank you in advance for spreading !


Donates from all networkers are thankful appreciated as well, they benefit the expansion of the entire soundtemple project !